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Perry Computer Services is a business created to help take the frustration out of buying and maintaining computers and their software. We realize that Onsite and Pickup services offer you the best deal ever - no long trips waiting in line at computer stores - minimal downtime - quality service. We have over 20 years of experience and we love what we do - let us serve you with honesty & integrity! Onsite in Durham Region and beyond since 1997.

NEW WEBSITE COMING IN 2017/2018 with a massive automatic store that will update itself and reconfigure itself as needed. It will also look way nicer than this 1997 website. :)

The entire website has been updated with new pricing, new products, new services, and 7 categories of systems to start you off (you can make changes in the online store to the prebuilt systems to suit your individual needs or keep the systems as they are).

We can fix your PC and also Macs!


Un-like other computer "specialists" that just format (ERASE) your computers hard drive - we actually DO repair your computer so that you don't lose your favorites, email, address books, documents, pictures, and more...


One of our specialty services (available at normal prices) is where we can FRESHLY reinstall your windows operating system with all drivers, and with all your data on a PC or laptop WITHOUT losing all your data. This means you can keep your e-mail, address books, documents and... (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THIS)

Taking customer service seriously because we know word of mouth advertising is more effective than the thousands wasted by other companies on flyers and ads who don't know this simple fact...

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Canada - the best place on earth with the best people! I love living here! A sincere "Thank you" to anyone who fought to keep Canada free which has allowed me the freedom to start this business!


Main website, colors, layout designed by David Perry & Doug Gale. The Perl and SQL code to generate and run the online store were expertly designed by Doug Gale.

"Perry Computer Services" to "PerryCS"... I find myself sometimes shortening the name of the company to "PerryCS", "Perry Computers", "PCS", or even call myself "Computer Guy"... guess I should practice brand recognition more... It's "Perry Computer Services"!
(the website is awesome, although I'm not utilizing the code to it's full potential due to time limitations in maintaining the website - it can do SO much more)